Our Approach

A decade of success in real estate by choosing to be "different." Innovation and design are at the heart of what we do. It’s about thinking outside the box while making that emotional connection with our clients. It’s in everything we do. Every shot, every angle, every touch on a smartphone or tablet has a true intention. It’s in our DNA. We combine intentional design and technology with world class social media. We execute these with a strategy at the highest level of precision, opening the doors to the new world of real estate.

Our creativity isn't determined by price point, it’s determined by a committed level of service that pours into everything we do. Our clients are the heartbeat of every single transaction. We are tech forward with absolutely no compromise. Competing in the digital age, yet not forgetting that people come first. It’s about giving ourselves and our clients the best chance of success. It was at the forefront of building our team which includes true in-house design, technology, social media, film, photography and a result that has world-wide reach.

This is about today’s real estate meeting tomorrow’s technology in a carefully well thought-out process. It is how were we were raised, it’s ingrained in our genes, and it’s about respecting the past yet embracing the future.

This is what drives us.
This is what makes us different.
This is why we succeed.

Graham Allen | Senior Broker
Allen & Gibas